What Not To Do In Mint Heels

There are certain things that do not go well together, but people continuously try to defy this evident collision in styles and/or colors. Take for example the color green, or lets actually go with a mint color. It seems that everyone has been obsessed with the color mint: Mint nails, mint skinnies, mint tees etc. I have to admit that I’ve been subject to following some of these mint trends, such as the skinny jeans and mint nails. I was probably most obsessed with the mint nails, especially in the summer.   However, now that its almost winter I’ve been looking for some colorful shoes to add some vibrance to my outfits. In particular, I’ve been searching for some mint heels.

With anything colorful and bright you have to be careful. Similar to how bright colored bugs and animals are often dangerous, so are colorful and bright clothes. You have to know how to approach each color differently and make sure you pair it with the right colors. I love the color mint, but it could be tricky. Here’s a pair of mint heels that I am not a huge fan of, but I love the style of the shoe. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.23.41 PM

I love the 3 leather straps that wrap around the ankle and the pointed toe. I just don’t love how the mint and dark tan leather look next to each other. The gold heel doesn’t help the color combination as well. This heel has so much going on with the pointed toe and three straps that when combined with the mint it becomes overwhelming.

I found a really cute black and mint heel on Revolve that I could see myself wearing with a black dress or some black skinny jeans or black leather pants.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.23.08 PM

I love how simple these heels are. The black contrasts with the mint, but it doesn’t clash with it. I also love that there’s only one strap that wraps around your ankle and a simple band that goes over your toes. I’m also liking this specific mint green color- it has a nice pop to it. The only problem is I would not suggest wearing these heels for the winter (at least only in the Midwest). Maybe I’ll take these with my on  my trip to the West Coast!

I know that these next few tips will be pretty inevitable, but I have seen these fashion choices made before. Do not match mint heels with other mint colors, such as mint skinnies or a mint tee. It is a bold color in the Winter, so make your other selections dark when pairing the mint heels. As far as the mint nails combined with the mint shoes… I think that could work.  Well, there have been a few times where I unknowingly had my nail color painted the same exact color as a bright item in my outfit. For instance, one time I had bright red nails matching  a bright red bag, so don’t worry about the nails. As far as for the style of mint heels, I would only wear strappy mint heels. A pair of mint booties or boots would not go to well with anything in my opinion. I found a few good selections on Resultly. The only other type of shoe I like in mint are mint sneakers or slip-ons.

Sweet 16 Dress Code

What’s one of the first formal occasions a girl goes to? Her sweet 16 of course. My cousin’s sweet 16 is coming up and she really wanted to share. Why not? Her party isn’t going to be too formal, but hang with her.

Everyone this blog is going out to you! I am turning sixteen in just one week! As you all know the theme of my party is rock star glam! That means I want each and everyone of you to dress up. Obvi don’t look as good as me, not that you could anyway. I don’t want any one coming to my party looking wack. Cuz you all know I’ll be like swerve bro! This is my big day and you better not ruin it with your dumb out fit. So here are some ideas of things you can wear that would be acceptable. Think rock star glam like sequin shorts and concert T-s. Fur coats and ripped jeans. I want this to be the best rock star sweet sixteen ever.

sequin shorts

sequin shorts

This sequin shorts outfit is super rocker and edgy. You can totes wear this to my sweet sixteen party. It you will super edgy but this won’t overshadow my amazing outfits. Yes I said outfits! I have multle costume changes in store for you. Anyways like if you need to get a pair of sequins shorts you can find a bunch of them on Resultly. They search like a bunch of stores and stuff. Click here to see. So you betches better go out and buy some sequin shorts!

Fur Coat

fur coat

This is another example of what you can wear to my sweet 16.  Obvi it is super plane but it will make my outfit stand out. A fur coat is like super on trend and lots of fashionistas are weraing them. You might be hot, but its my sweet sixteen so deal with hit. The hat is also super cool and will be fun on the dance floor when people steal it and we all swap accessories as we do at parties. Since I’m so nice I’m also going to suggest a fur vest! Yeah right how smart am I for thinking that. Can I get an amen? Same look but then you won’t be hot. Forever 21 has supes major amount of vest. You can see them here.

You could totes wear the sequin shorts with a fur coat or vest. Can you say #amazing! You know we are going to get all sorts of #blessed at the part so you need to look good in my pics. The best part is that like you still won’t look as good as me, even if you wear this. Yes, I am hyping up my outfits because they are killer. Sequin shorts and foe fur can’t even compete. That’s how killa i’m going to look. SO, who is excited to get down at my party? HELL YAAAASSSSSS!

How to wear teal heels

I have never been actually a fan of wearing too many styles of shoes, looking for a perfect pair is like looking for perfect jeans for me. But Heels have always been one of the essential pair that I opt to set aside some of my money allowance and buy myself a good pair. When I wear them it makes me feel sexier and empowered with any outfits I match it with! I have the black, red heels but I have been eyeing on these Teal Heels on Resultly, they have always been making wave to be a part of fashionable people around the world’s outfit during Holiday season.

teal heels teal heels

For Weekend Casual, I can pair it with a gray or neutral color tapered, skinny-jeans or tight jeans. I can mix it with other bright colours top to create a fun, casual outfit. When I’m feeling adventurous, I go for a full colour-block effect.

For Night Out, I want to wear them with different colours and prints for a fun night out outfit. Going with separates, I plan to style it by pairing it with a black miniskirt with white print with a solid bright colour tank top. Any shade belonging to blue or violet will work with these coloured heels. For any easy one-wear dressing, a printed tank dress and wear them with a cropped leather jacket.

For Work, this uniquely colour heels can sure turn heads on their own. I can always pair them with a black pencil skirt and with a tamer coloured button down top like white, gray or cream with black blazer, this is for a conservative work setting. Working in a creative environment with casual dress code, pair them with a printed skirt that has teal or a similar colour inside the print. Wear them with a navy, ivory, pink or blush shade blouse so the two colours won’t compete with attention.

For a daytime date, pair it with a dress and wear a cardigan over them. Pairing them with jeans and a fitted T-shirt or blouse is also a good choice. For a date night, a little dark coloured dress that will let the heels shine.

teal heels

They are generally seen as chic, laid-back and romantic style. Popular fashion brands like Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden and Aldo carry them as it can brighten up our closet whatever the season or occasion. Once we got the right clothing and accessories to pair it with the heels we can create a look that is original and right for the occasion.

Keep It Simple and Professional with Empire Waist Tops

Empire waist tops are my go-to piece of clothing. Whether I need to dress it up or down, my closet is filled with different colors and styles that I can pick and choose from. Last spring I had a job interview with this big, fancy Public Relations firm downtown. I was scrambling through my closet trying to find a top to match this gray blazer I have. I already figured I would wear black dress and my black heels. I wanted to go for the classy, professional look. Of course, I didn’t end up finding a nice blouse to go with my gray blazer and dress pants so I went to my favorite shopping app, Resultly. where I found some cute finds and bargains!

I continued to search for one and I stumbled across this black, crocheted top from American Eagle.

empire waist tops

I thought it was super chic and the right professional look I was going for. Once it was finally shipped to me, I tried the outfit on all together and I absolutely loved it. Since I loved that blouse so much I decided to look for one more. I was able to justify this decision by thinking to myself well if I get this job I’ll need more professional looking tops. My bank account won’t be very happy, but I’ll be.

So I found another chic and stylish one from Torrid.

As soon as I received that package from Torrid. I tried it on with my interview outfit. So which one was it going to be? Which one was going to help me get that job?On the day of the interview I probably switched my blouse an average of ten times. I finally decided on the black and white, polka dot top. I walked out of my apartment with my held high, my confidence in check, and an optimistic attitude.

Once I arrived at the North Michigan building I knew that this was it. This was my shot to show and to market myself in the most professional way possible. The interview ended up going very well.

I was told I would get a call within the next week or so. Let me tell you, that next week was pretty painful. Every time my cellphone would ring I would jump to see who it was and I checked my email about twenty times a day. I guess you could say I really wanted this job. Well, the call did end up coming and I was offered a full-time position there. I could barely speak, I was so excited. I did it. I got my dream job.

Now who’s to say if my top had anything to do with me getting the job. But it definitely did have something to do with my confidence and the way I felt that morning as I stepped into that downtown office building. It’s pretty amazing what significance a piece of clothing may have on your life. In my case all it took was a simple, classic empire waist top to get me my dream job.

Maroon Dress Perfect for the Fall

After seeing Blake Lively in this maroon colored Herve Leger dress on Gossip Girl, I have become obsessed with his dresses. Blake Lively looked gorgeous in this dress.


First of all, the way that Leger makes the dress makes all his bandage dresses flattering. The bandage material seems to hold everything in place kinda like Spanx, but without the extra material. Unfortunately, on my budget, the closest I could get to Leger’s bandage dresses is in his BCBG line. If you’re looking for a tight skirt only go with the BCBG bandage skirts. They are sooooo flattering. I tend to be very weary when wearing tight bottoms, because of my Kim Kardashian butt, but the bandage material really does the trick.

You can wear the BCBG bandage skirt for any occasion as well. Well, you have to select the one of there style’s. For example, if you want something for work that’s cute and flattering buy the bandage pencil skirt.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.21.19 PM

As you can see this is perfect for a day in the office. Its slimming in the pencil shape itself, but the tight bandage material really make your body look good. This allows you to create a classic look, while staying chic and cute.

I also love there shorter bandage skirts. The maroon bandage skirt is one of my favorites that I have in my closet. BCBG has so many styles that its always hard to chose. Take a look at this power skirt I found on BCBG.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.25.47 PM

If you dare wear this skirt to work. However, I generally like to keep the short BCBG bandage skirts reserved for a night out. Don’t be scared of the color. Yes, white is probably one of the most revealing colors, but with the material this skirt is made from it will be the same as wearing a black skirt. You can pick these skirts in almost any color and you won’t regret it.

One of my favorite colors that I want to come back to is that burgundy maroon color. I love this color for the fall. Its similar to the Essie Oxblood nail polish color, but it also looks great as a scarf or a maroon dress, just like Blake Lively wore it. Take a look at this maroon dress I found: http://www.mytheresa.com/en-us/liza-bandage-dress-346517.html

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.12.51 PM

This was the most similar dress that Herve Leger was selling at the moment. The color is identical, but the design is different. This maroon dress has the tight body- con slimming top, but the ruffled hem adds a girly touch. The maroon color is perfect for the fall! Just pair it with black heels, a clutch, and a black blazer and  you’re ready for any event. Well…only if you’re ready to spend over $2,000 on a dress. If you’re looking for more affordable pieces take a look at what I found: http://www.result.ly/Search/maroon%20dress

As much as I want the Herve Leger bandage dress and a pair of Louboutin’s, I’ll stick to some other more affordable options in the meantime.  But, I do hope to some day be able to afford some of my favorite designers…at least a few of them.

Mint Wedding

Last summer was the best summer of my life.  Finally, after ten years of dating I got married to the love of my life. I have tons of memories from that perfect day, but my biggest one is about my five bridesmaids who were wearing mint dresses. This isn’t them, but you get the idea…


I know it does sound like a crazy choice of color; however it did look ten times better than one can possibly imagine. Of course, it was very hard to convince my best girlfriends, who are completely different skin tones to wear such an unusual color;do not take me wrong it took me almost a year to do that.

The hardest part after convincing them to wear the mint dresses was to find them. We spent weeks shopping and trying hundreds of different brands and styles, but we could not find anything we would like, especially for such a special event as my wedding. Most of the dresses were too short or too expensive and I could not spend too much money on it.

Thanks to one of my best friends who downloaded Resultly app and told us that she saw tons of mint dresses on it. It was my first shopping experience online and it was the best one so far.I still shop only on that app and it does not matter what I am shopping for (dresses, shoes, bags, or body stuff and make up). They have it all.

I think each dress was about a hundred dollars and I thought it was a pretty good deal for such beautiful mint dresses like these. Especially, after I spent tons of money on my perfect wedding dress which I bought two years ago in Paris.

My girlfriends fell in love with the dresses and did not even complain about the mint color or the style of the dresses. Maybe because I bought some nice nude shoes, so they simply did not have a reason to complain.

We had a little problem in finding mint jewelry for the dresses but after a couple of hours in the store , we found a very simple style necklaces that worked out perfectly with the mint dresses.

I could not be more happier with my choice! Everyone looked gorgeous and my dress looked even better around my beautiful bridesmaids! I have heard some of my girlfriends that they want ot choose mint dresses for their weddings in the future too. Hearing that, was just another proof that I made the right decision. So, if any of you are looking for a prefect dresses for your bridesmaids do not be afraid of crazy mint color and try the mint dresses on!