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The Following is an archived post from 2010. This has been preserved below for prostertiy

ROB GROOMS – EKON Energy Management Group

In our world today, dramatically rising energy costs effect everyone and we all have to work harder than ever to keep profits rising by controlling costs.

Once viewed as a ‘nice thing to do’, having a lower carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly now seems to be ‘a must’ – this is where EKON partners of Enigin plc can help companies in the State of Florida.

Established by Managing Director Rob Grooms, Ekon Energy Management Group was founded in October 2008 by a small group of entrepreneurs sharing a common goal with Enigin plc - to provide local area businesses with a sustainable option to significantly reduce costs associated with energy consumption. With a primary focus on client service and a growing portfolio of proven products, they are committed to solving the needs of any size clients by implementing customized turn-key strategies aimed at sustainably identifying and eliminating wasted energy - resulting in improving the bottom line.

We now live by our mission statement “To empower our clients to increase bottom line profits and operational efficiency through implementation of conservation and renewable energy products & services in a risk free environment with all measurable benefits fully guaranteed”.

We are privileged to be currently working with the City of South Daytona which includes the prestigious City Hall buildings. They were delighted to find us because they, like many companies across the globe, needed an approach to its commitment in becoming an environmentally healthy and economically sustainable community. No one else could provide the services of Enigin in Florida.

“Utilizing EKON’s programs to analyze current energy use and identify cost saving solutions is a natural progression in the City’s mission to become a greener community” - Jean Willard City of South Daytona.

Consider also what Rosevale Farms, another existing client, had to say; “Energy Management just makes sense for us. We have a responsibility to our customers and ourselves to conduct our business in way that is responsible to the very environment that helps us to produce our product. By controlling internal costs and carbon emissions associated with energy production, we can offer our customers a tremendous value on a “truly green product“ Dan Webber, Vice President of Sales for Roseville Farms.

In addition to cutting clients energy costs by up 40% and boosting profits, EKON strives to enhance your company image, improve staff morale and empower and equip your business to makes its own, significant contribution to the ongoing fight against climate change. If you feel you could benefit from our expertise and reduce your every growing expenditure then please don’t hesitate to contact.

Our planet is here to stay and EKON Energy Management Group will be there every step of the way.

Ekon Energy Management Group TA Enigin

ENIGIN: Carbon Offset Kiosks?

As a qualified electrical engineer based in North America I have worked with numerous energy saving products over the last two decades most of which has been in association with Ian Wrigley, Managing Director of Enigin PLC. During my time in this business I have come across some great ideas along with some with dubious claims… I was amazed recently to read about a new idea that is being trialed at San Francisco International Airport.

In the departure lounge they have installed a kiosk where you can enter the details of the journey you are about to take and then the kiosk will calculate how much you need to pay to “offset” the carbon emissions produced by your flight.

Enigin - Carbon Offsetting

Enigin - Carbon Offsetting

If you feel guilty about the environmental impact of your journey, here is a convenient way to placate your nagging conscience for just a few dollars.

I reckon a flight from the west to east coast would cost somewhere around $11, then you can take your airline seat feeling self-satisfied that a corner of the world has been protected from your polluting, carbon emitting actions!

The money will be used for environmental projects locally and you are given a print-out explaining where your money will go, underlining your sense of “doing the right thing”. Then you throw the print-out in the trash and forget all about it.

In my opinion this is just too convenient and abstract, and will have little or no affect on carbon emissions. It is another case that money seems to be able to buy us peace of mind, when in reality little is achieved for what we have paid out.

I would rather take my $11, for example, and do something real. At home I could purchase and install some energy efficient lighting or buy a chord to make a clothes line, instead of using an energy hungry dryer. I could make an even greater difference if I changed my behavior and used my bicycle more or make a real check on energy efficiency at home or at work.

I think the workplace is where a concerted effort needs to be made to reduce carbon emissions. Commerce and industry use vast amounts of power and hence produce a vast amount of harmful emissions.

Governmental measures and the rising costs of energy are motivating many business leaders to look at making real differences to their carbon emissions. There are carbon credits for large corporations particularly, but are these not just a bigger “carbon offset” kiosk? Carbon offsetting is a complicated issue and there are reasons for carbon credits but ultimately commerce and industry has to change its practices.

As an Energy Consultant I am impressed by a UK energy saving company called Enigin and their advanced real-time energy monitoring system called Eniscope. This is a “kiosk” of sorts, a class one meter that measures electricity use and produces impressive real-time and historical graphic reads outs of the energy data to a computer or even a large public display.

The display shows what energy is being used and how consumers are becoming more energy efficient. I just wish they made a domestic model for home. Enigin have a real prize winner in this meter and the related software – it’s good to see a company developing such technology.

With the Enigin Eniscope’s easy to read data, effective decisions can be made on where energy is used and where it is also being wasted. Through becoming more energy efficient businesses can make a far greater dent in their carbon emissions for the future, not just for one trip or one event.

Being able to see energy use also helps people to change their actions and behavior, as they can now see the outcome of their energy saving efforts, or at least they can confirm what they suspected regarding wasteful use of energy.

All this from technology, displayed on a screen much like the airport kiosk, but with energy data that can produce a measurable change in on-going actions. It requires effort, cost and thought and not just an “easy fix” for the conscience or the environment.

In my experience nothing of value comes from a quick-fix, a few dollars paid into a kiosk is not the way to produce a sustainable future. Clear, understandable actions need to be made that change the way we work and operate.

A lot of these changes can be simple, such as using that washing line instead of the dryer, but I realize that these actions make a small difference, in my view better than the $11. These steps are important but I see every working day how businesses need to act and act now in a measured sustainable way.

You can shell out money to all sorts of people in this world; there are plenty of people out there ready to take it from you. They can assure you that you are doing a good thing, remember the little paper print-out from the airport kiosk, they can tell you how good you are – but let’s get real.

It’s time we took real action, don’t shell out cash on quick-fixes but make a real difference by becoming truly energy efficient and cutting carbon emissions for the journey of life and into the future, not just L.A to Boston.

eniginEnigin America… or Alien Partner?

My Journey with Enigin so far has certainly led me to some interesting places and I have had the privilege of meeting some weird and wonderful people along the way.

However there is nowhere in the world that fascinates me more than America. To me (a Brit born and raised) travelling to USA is not like going to another country at all, in fact it feels more like travelling to a completely different planet! Almost like a parallel universe only not very parallel!

Each time I visit I never cease to be amazed by the American culture, there are so many things that are different but here’s just a couple of examples that stand out;


Once I decided to get some lunch from the deli opposite the Chrysler Building, (where Enigin PLC offices are located). I had about 10 minutes so I strolled in expecting to see what options they had and see what took my fancy…BIG mistake! I never knew there were so many ways to fill a couple of slices of bread! There were literally hundreds of filling combinations and for someone like me who back home in St Austell is used to the basic sandwich options of ham or cheese I was really not prepared! So… faced with a plethora of choices and an impatient queue (sorry Americans, ‘cue’) of customers behind me I said, “can you do JUST cheese?”

The reply? “Certainly sir which cheese would you like…” after he had reeled of the 100th type of cheese I could choose from, I politely explained that I had lost my appetite and decided to skip lunch.


Once I was in hotel lift (sorry, ‘elevator’), which stopped en-route to the lobby; a man who I’d never met before walked in and said “Hiiii how are you doooin today?” I looked behind me… no one else there… I thought; ‘is he talking to me?’ As it turned out ‘yes’… he had never met me before but was apparently genuinely interested in how I was. I now know of course that this is perfectly normal behaviour for Americans! So if you visit the US for the first time, don’t be alarmed if it happens to you.

One thing is for sure though, as weird and wonderful as Americans may be, when it comes to business and endeavour they lead the way. Many countries would do well to emulate the same attitude that permeates America, one that celebrates entrepreneurship rather than tries to suppress it.

As a case in point, I am really heartened by couple of our Enigin Partners from the United States who are fine examples of true American grit and determination. Both Dennis in Maryland and Rob in Florida joined us in the early days and despite the risks involved and obstacles along they way kept going and are now really beginning to see their hard work paying off, they are now enjoying great results with Eniscope and EnergyMaps.

So in summary I would like to say to our American friends thanks and… “Have a nice day!”

Update 30/11/09
I like to pride myself on being a very environmentally conscious person, and I have always looked out for my carbon omissions, taken public transport, kept a cooler house even in the winter, and turned off lights and appliances at the wall whenever I left a room. However, the one thing I always fall down on is taking far too many flights, and I was very excited when I read this article about offsetting your carbon footprint of your journey. Partly because it elevates that guilt that I feel every time I get on a plane, but also because flying is something that I cannot actually avoid in business and in my personal life, I think that this is truly a revolutionary idea in the modern age that we live in!
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Update 07/12/09
I think that this is a very good time to admit that I am worried. After going on about being very conscientious of energy savings, I decided that I should really look more into it to see if there was anything else that I could do, being a person who lives off my laptop and is constantly listening to my radio in the background.
And now apparently experts are saying that within the next ten years, extended energy shortages are going to happen frequently and in most countries. This is due primarily to a shortage of the world’s resources. One of the major energy consumers responsible for this is apparently air conditioning in hot countries. I personally blame America, but apparently Enigin can save most people 30% on air conditioning, let’s hope a few more individuals take them up on the offer!

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Enigin Update 12/14/09

I know that I keep banging on about energy savings lately but let’s be honest, with the Copenhagen conference being so recent, I think it is about time more people looked at how they use their daily share of the carbon footprint. And I have recently read an article that even Chinese farmers in the Himalayas have access to wireless networks so they can look at the current trend in prices for their crops. With this kind of new technology I just cannot seem to find an excuse that large companies do not track the amount of electricity and other sources of power that they use in their industries. I have also read that Russia has actually passed a law saying that all corporations must now track and reduce their carbon footprint. With stories like this coming out in the news, I can’t help but think is it maybe Britain that is a little bit backwards and behind the times?