Clamp Down on Information

May 3rd, 2012

Many people have views and opinions on the very hot topic of copywriting and internet downloads, but many of the people making important decisions on these matters at the governmental level are actually so out of touch with the internet and computers that they are really making decisions on something that they know nothing about. One of the most searched for news topics on the internet over the last few months has been the anti piracy laws that are being forced through just about every westernized government. I actually think that it is an absolute disgrace that the people making decisions on these matters have less knowledge of the subject than a football player would about HR Software. You shouldn’t be getting people to make potentially devastating decisions on things that they are not qualified to know about.

The crux of the matter is that the laws being forced through are supposed to be there to stop online piracy and illegal downloading of content. The reality of these laws will be increased powers for governments to shut down websites and invade peoples online privacy, under the false guise of piracy. The measures extend far beyond what is necessary to do what they say they are designed for, and are actually only going to harm the internet as we know it. With these powers, they could shut down any website which they deem to be in breach of the ‘copyright laws’, without protest or right to a hearing. This means that in effect they can just start shutting off websites which they do not like or agree with and nobody will be able to stop them.

In an act of foolishness, they have conducted mass raids in the last few months, to shut down Megavideo, and a few of the other major content distribution sites. The fact that they have managed to shut these sites down and prosecute the owners of the site under the existing legal system only goes to show that they do not need increased powers to shut down sites for breach of copyright. This proves that he powers that they are trying to enforce at the moment are not to prevent copyright on sites, but instead is to give governments more power to shut down sites for whatever reason that they choose. People should be made more aware of the serious nature of these new laws, as if they are brought into being, the effects will be far reaching, and dangerous for the free flow of information on the net.

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