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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Well, I cannot actually talk about Used campervans, because my main area of interest is politics.

Employers’organizations announced they would boycott the tripartite council, which together with the unions on Monday had to consult the government proposed transfer of occupational pension funds in the State Social Security Institute. The decision was taken after it became clear that management of GERD were scored his intention in the draft Social Security Code (SIC).

And this is happening despite warnings of economic experts, financiers, entrepreneurs and analysts that the transfer of personal accounts of people in total solidarity pot of NOI is: theft, nationalization, destroying the capital market, collapse of stock and even a return to communism. The prime minister not just passed this conversation, and repeatedly demonstrated that the position of business on the topic does not interest him, and find a convenient explanation for the warnings from employers. Meanwhile, Borisov continually stressed the agreements with its unions.

By law, before being submitted to parliament, the draft CSR should be penalized by the so-called. social partners of government - employers and unions. After the withdrawal of the first e obvious that this advisory body will not even play a formal role. The idea is supported by trade unions and examples which the prime minister personally argued the closure of occupational pension funds, some were born in the heads of trade unions. But henceforth the Government will only have to bear responsibility for that decision.

Which will need very soon as next year NII will have to start paying pensions literally seized from private funds means. And then it will happen “of the cap, regardless of the deposits in all personal accounts to date and the time they get the money you will need to obtain after cashing started to lose its value singled nationalization of assets. Then the folly of the current exercise will be shown but will have passed the presidential and local elections. For further vision who would you think now …

Fascism gone wrong…

Monday, October 25th, 2010
Fascism gone wrong...

Fascism rejects communism’s views that life is a struggle between the classes. For fascists there is no such thing. The working class, for its own benefit, needs to be governed and guided from above. Fascism believes that the working class needs to be accustomed to following orders and directions[1], and this is the path through which the working class can achieve its potential and contribute to the nation. This view of the fascist political thought is linked with (more…)