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The Republican Party and why it can never change

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The United States’Republican Party is a staunchly conservative political group, whose philosophy rests entirely on resisting big governments and encouraging greater individual responsibility and accountability.

Many of the Republican Party’s most vocal supporters are members of what is known as the ’religious right’. This encompasses a wide group of conservative Christians whose presence is most pronounced in America’s ’Heartland’states, such as Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. They also have a large influence in other socially conservative states such as Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia.

The Republican Party is geared towards the American Christian community and as a result it embraces many Christian ideals. Most Republicans and Republican supporters oppose abortion, many oppose numerous aspects of gay rights legislations and an overwhelming majority believe in gun ownership as a constitutional right. However, over the years efforts have been made to try and move the party towards a more central or moderately conservative platform. This was evident during John McCain’s presidential campaign during 2008 as he tried to sway ’swing’voters (those who were unsure of whether to vote Republicans or the Democrats) and conservative Democrats to the Republican ballot.

McCain also tried to repair the damage caused by the Bush administration which lured many Americans to vote for the Democrats as a ’vote for change’. He highlighted the need to tackle global warming as one of the most important responsibilities of the US government, a stark contrast to Bush who refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol to reduce Red Diesel emissions. He also voiced his support for abortion, considering himself as ’pro-life’with regards to this issue, which again was very much against the general party line.

As a ’balancing’mechanism, he appointed ultra-Conservative Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nominee. This, he felt was necessary if he was to attract religious right voters who would undoubtedly have issues with his stance on abortion in particular.

Palin announced in an interview that she was against abortion even in the cases of rape and incest - a view which only a minority of registered US voters would agree with. Palin’s support for oil-drilling in her home state Alaska and her somewhat ’awkward’interviewing style, however, ultimately determined the Republican Party’s defeat in the November elections.

5 Reasons I Admire Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I am someone who admires the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for her strength and determination. She is a very strong politician and has proved herself amidst the sea of strong willed male counterparts and has also taken a stand against big business and gas companies without backing down or apologizing for the rights she is fighting for. Having been an active First Lady when her husband was president she is well prepared to hold the post she now has. She has been entrusted with a very challenging job and she seems to be handling it well.

She has a good educational background and also went to Wellesley College where she became the senior Class President. She graduated from the Yale Law School to become an established and reputed lawyer. Here are five reasons why I admire this secretary of State.

Ø Firstly, I admire her for the guts she showed when the society was not ready to accept the rise of a woman. People criticized her since she achieved the status and power they never imagined a woman could ever achieve.

Ø Secondly, I admire her for the example she set for the girls of the United States. She has shown girls and women that if they dream big and aim for the impossible. During her school days, due to her high grades and good behavior, she became the role model for her fellow mates. She is a leader in the truest sense.

Ø Thirdly, I admire her for her confidence and talent. She is good at almost everything she has done. This is one of the many reasons people are jealous of her and hate her but this does not discourage her in the least.

Ø Fourthly, she is a lady with innovative ideas and modern thoughts coupled with strong principles. She is one of those very few people who speak out what is on their minds.

Ø Lastly, I strongly believe that Bill Clinton is what he is today, he owes it in part to his wife who stood by him during his good and bad times. She is an ideal wife.