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The government needs to focus on important issues

Friday, June 4th, 2010

With huge disasters going on that could affect the world for many years to come I can not grasp why the government is paying frivolous legislation. There are currently so many different things that they are trying to pass that are ridiculous in comparison to the economic market, environment, or social well being.

Currently there is legislation being raised in California that would ban the use of plastic bags in stores statewide. They are actually thinking that this is essential. It would be great for the environment in the long run but, what about all of the trickling side effects it would cause. We have so many people who are searching and begging for jobs. If these so called "packaging solutions"were to pass nationwide that means that the factories that produce these bags would close. If these factories closed then people would lose their jobs and not be able to take care of their families. There are so many other things going on that are so much more important then whether or not we use paper or plastic to bag or groceries.

It is time to get serious government. It seems as though now they are just trying to look like they are doing something. More people need to stand up and tell them that this is not right and to focus at the issues of importance. The government should be talking about how to make more jobs not take more away. We do not need to close any factories right now. We should be trying to come up with ways to open new ones that maybe produce more reusable bags and hand them out when you get groceries. Hook it to your stores rewards cards and after you get ten you get charged if you don’t reuse them. No factories would have to be shut down and no one would need to lose their jobs. Wouldn’t this be a better way to live?