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American Politics - The New Arizona Immigration Law

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I’m not quite sure when America turned into the country that was so afraid of hurting people’s feelings that we are apologizing for taking a stand. This is in reference to the newest comments from President Obama’s meeting with the Mexican President Calderon. They are both up in arms about Arizona’s new immigration law. The Mexican President is upset with the new law and says that it is not the way to help the immigration issue. The law is said to be inflammatory and Calderon says that Mexico will not accept any law that will “criminalize migration.” President Obama met with Claderon to help address the issue which he, himself has vocally opposed and is currently challenging.

To interject, people that were not born in the United States or have not taken the United States citizenship test do not have a right to live here. If you are here without permission then it is a FEDERAL offense to live in the United States. The new Arizona law, which takes effect on July 29, simply states that if a person is being investigated for a crime, and their citizenship is in question, then police officials may ask for proof of being a U.S. citizen. Somehow we’ve got it in our heads that we shouldn’t be allowed to question a person’s legality because of why? It’s a crime in and of itself. Why shouldn’t we save ourselves from having illegal criminals in our country. There are dozens upon dozens of illegal immigrants in our prison systems. Yet somehow we can’t question their citizenship status. They don’t pay taxes, or for health, or even home or caravan insurance, yet the money that we are paying in taxes is supporting them in our judicial system!

American politicians need to be responsible to those that elected them and start protecting the best interests of our country and not everyone else’s country. We’re not asking much, just if you want to live here, do what needs to be done. Become a part of the culture and follow the rules just like everyone else and everything should go smoothly..