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American Politics - How do you feel?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

There are few subjects that get as heated as a conversation about politics. No matter what side of the aisle or issue you are on chances are you believe in it strongly. There are some people that are hardcore left or right people. I have always been a middle of the aisle person on politics.

I try to carefully look at the issue and weight the pros and cons of it and then make up my mind. I do have to confess once I make up my mind it is very hard to change it. I do get very frustrated that American politics are either right or left. I think it is very closed minded of both parties to think there is only one right way. I also find it frustrating that we do not really have any more than two parties.

I know we have independents and the green party and such but you never get to hear much from them. I do not think it is fair at all that they get shut out of debates. It makes our political system seem very closed when it was not built that way. I think at least in the beginning until there are clear front-runners we should have debates about important issues like emergency fuel delivery that include ALL of the party runners. I think this would give people a clearer picture of all of our options. I think we should all try and remember the next time a conversation turns to politics to keep an open mind.

It is very important to try to see all angles of any situation no matter how strongly we feel about the topic that is being discussed. This gives every situation a fair and unbiased chance. Our political system has a lot of flaws but it could be saved if we gave it the proper attention that it deserves. If only everyone would look at politics with this type of mindset there wouldn’t be as many problems in America is there are today.