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What Should Be Done With U.S. Failing Schools?

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

U.S. Failing Schools can only be reformed at the very early level. In order to carry out the entire reformation certain changes in the curriculum should be implemented along with the efficiency of the of the school governing system. Yet in many states in the US including California many failing schools have been closed by the states. State administrators have pointed to the fact that these schools were too far gone to be reformed and improved. But what they fail to mention is that they will be saving millions of dollars by closing these schools. It is better that they keep these schools open but make some necessary changes. In order to turn around the failing schools in the United States the following methodologies should be implemented:

  • New research based strategies. Theoretical research based penetrative methodologies to identify and maintain records on each student’s achievement and progress or potential problems. This research should also suggest ways to improve performance.
  • Certain additional ongoing training programs for the teachers and the faculties to develop new skills and knowledge to enhance the quality of education and job satisfaction of Secondary school jobs so that the benefit can be imparted upon the students.
  • Appointing a close knit well skilled faculty of teachers with proper educational backgrounds to introduce and teach using the modern techniques.
  • Proper interaction between the students, teachers and the parents. It is necessary to deal with the issues that might act as obstacles in a student’s career. Proper and timely coordination among the parents and the teachers can bring out such disturbances and result in a healthy school life for the candidates.

The development and the turning around of the failing schools in the United States is entirely a ground level process. Though the states are supposed to provide necessary support to the schools but ultimately the success of these schools depend largely on the local educators imparting education to the pupils.

It is only a well planned approach that can prevent the failing schools in the U.S. from certain closure.

Are the Republicans Sabotaging the Obama Administration?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

For quite a few months now, it seems that the Republicans are really trying to sabotage the Obama Administration by drawing them into some major issues. If you are an ardent follower of the federal politics, you will see that the President repeated attempts to stay on everybody’s good books has fallen flat on its face. It is practically impossible to be the good guy for everyone. The president needs to understand that there is no harm in being criticized if it serves a greater purpose.

The health care reforms are among the many issues that have been stalled due to the spat between the Republicans and the Democrats. The fact remains that the parties must realize that they have been elected for the welfare of the citizens. Instead of playing their power games, and petty issues they should concentrate on giving back some of the taxpayers money in the form of reforms.

The Obama administration is trying its best to provide major benefits to the American citizens and they have proved their mettle more than once. It is about time that the senators moved the roadblocks away from the paths of progress and gave some hope back to the American people. However, before putting all the blame in the Republicans we should also consider the fact that the Democrats are not a close-knit party as well. Scuffle among the Democrats is stopping progress equally. There is a lot power play behind the closed doors of Washington and only the end will signify whether it is good for the common man or not.

Many say that the Republicans are more like businesspersons, but being the opposing party, they have the right to question the intentions of the ruling party. They are looking like a party that is planning from now for the next Presidential elections. So if they can stop the President and the Democrats on keep issues they will have them looking very incompetent. Thus it is unlikely that there will be any serious form of bi-partisan approach to the issues.

So let us keep our fingers crossed and see what comes out of the conflict, perhaps the real solution is just to put them all in a big room and proceed with a little bit of corporate soft skills training.