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Why Sarah Palin Should Run In 2012?

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Presidential election in the US is conducted once in every four years. It is a great event that not just the Americans, but the whole world gets to witness. This excitement revolving round Presidential election has intensified in greater extent in the last few years. Quite naturally the 2012 election would receive all the more attention of people all over the world. And the question which is very frequently asked by many is why Sarah Palin should run in 2012 for the post of President? Today no one is unaware of this potential candidate called Sarah Palin who is likely to be bidding for the President’s post in 2012 elections.

This speculation of why Sarah Palin should run in 2012 started when Sarah Palin declared her presidential bid. Many people are supporting her decision to join the presidential race and are ready to cast their votes in her favor. In her 2008 election Sarah Palin was mostly criticized for her lack of adequate knowledge of international affairs. Realizing its importance for running the most powerful office in the world Sarah Palin is now regularly taking aid of a group of Washington advisors on both foreign and domestic policy. She has also been trying to enlarge her focus which would prove to be of great help to American political life if she manages to win this Presidential race.

A great thing about this lady is that she is capable of securing strong opinions either way. Often the media and the public have considered Sarah Palin as a rogue, a populist and unpredictable but again there are many who feel she should definitely go ahead with the presidential election. Since the time she has declared that she is open to the presidential bid in 2012 many have said that truly deserves to win the race in 2012.

So we wait to see just what she will do in the next two years. Hopefully, if she truly decides to run, that she is ready for the challenge.

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Jobs Priority Not Healthcare Says President

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

President Obama came out fighting in his first State of the Union address, defending his economic record and insisting that change will take place, he also refused to shelve the controversial plans for healthcare reform but it is clear that employment will be given a higher priority than healthcare in the coming year.

The President was given the traditional warm welcome from all sides of Congress and his measured and well delivered speech received several standing ovations. The energetic triumphalism of the President’s speeches after his inauguration however had been replaced by a more sombre and statesmanlike speech.

Opening the address the President said that we as a nation “had to answer history’s call” and he soon made it clear how he aimed to achieve this: “People are out of work, they are hurting, they need our help. Jobs must be our number one focus ion 2010.”