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When Will The Government Bite Back?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

The laws in Britain are absolutely ridiculous. Back in the nineties there were supposed to be new laws introduced that would stop people from keeping vicious dogs; but still it goes on. The tragic tale of John Paul Massey is just the latest in a seemingly never ending list of horrendous attacks. Again and again there are children being mauled to death by dogs that are kept as macho status symbols.

Why are the British government not doing more to stop people from keeping animals like this in the first place? How many more children need to be killed in such an unimaginable manner before something is finally done??? It is completely disgusting that this has gone on for as long as it has.

Why anyone would want to keep something like a pit bull terrier as a ‘pet’ is beyond me. I think that to want one of these around, you need to have some type of ‘masculinity crisis’ going on. They are not exactly the sort of dog to curl up with in front of a coal fire, are they? Unfortunately there are some people who think that having one of these will make you look ‘hard’. As far as I’m concerned, when I see someone with one of these I think they are probably a bit dim.

What we need the government to do is bring in some very strict legislation that prevents people from keeping animals like this at all. And if someone is breaking the law by keeping or breeding them they should get a prison sentence. Oh, I touched on a bit of a nerve there… It seems that the government in our country are overly concerned about overcrowding in prisons . Well, there is a very simple answer to this; build plenty of new ones! This will also generate a lot of new jobs; the construction industry is one of the most badly affected areas in this recession.

Oops! Now I’ve really done it. The British government doesn’t want us to think that we are in a recession. They prefer to use phrases like; ‘economic downturn’, ‘cash crisis’ or ‘credit crunch’!

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