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How do they Account for this?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

I often feel that everyday life has become a constant struggle. Even the simplest of tasks are made so incredibly difficult by ‘the powers that be’.

Everywhere that we turn we are surrounded by bureaucracy and yards (whoops, that should be metres since we joined the EU) of red tape. Think about how complicated everything has become these days.

If you think that I am overreacting then let me tell you exactly what I mean. When was the last time that you tried to open a bank account? Believe me, it is no longer a simple matter of filling out a few forms… If you want to open one then you should be prepared for a lot of stress and hassle. You will be required to take all manner of documentation into the bank and be asked the most ridiculous questions.

Years ago it was so easy to open up a savings account. Children were encouraged to join a bank with the promise of free gifts and rewards. Those days are long gone.

If kids are not shown the importance of saving money then how are they going to learn the true value of things? Opening up a bank account should be something that anyone can do. Instead of this, it has become a huge battle to be able to save your own money.

Well I’ve spent all the left over cash on a pair of Asics running shoes for the run this weekend. You know it make sense, now we’re cooking!