What Purpose The Facebook Likes Serve

We all know the struggle is real. Buying Facebook likes seems the only way. But nothing is less true. Follow these tips and don’t think about buying Facebook likes anymore.Post organically to your Facebook business page.

What do you have to share now?

It makes you despondent.

Don’t forget: Not everyone who likes your page will see all your posts. The more often you post interesting content, the more valuable Facebook, its algorithms and its users

Who estimate content?

That is why buying Facebook likes is not profitable. If you buy likes, they are likely followers who are not at all waiting for your content. So no more buying likes. That is very bad for your organic reach.

Ask a question, call for something. Make sure your posts are irresistible. Facebook users only share something if they really want to, you can assume that. Don’t you find itfun, funny or interesting enough to share with your own friends? Then someone else will also not find it worthy of part enough.

For example, look at this article as an example. Do you find it interesting? Are the tips unique enough to share with your network? And if you dive into your target group? Who shares what in which phase ofhis life?

Alternate Between Photo, Video, Text And Links

Videos are by far 1 when it comes to interaction. Do they come along in a timeline? Then Facebook automatically plays them, provided that the settings of that user have not been adjusted.So the first few seconds of your video are extremely important. Isn’t it worth watching? Then that user scrolls through and misses the entire message.

A post should almost always include a link, but posting something once in a while without a call-to-action inspires confidence. Just share something without directly linking to yourproducts or services, do it.

Do you use text to get visitors to your blog? Then make sure you put a nice teaser on Facebook. Just enough to get curious about the whole article.

Post At Different Times And Days

Post humanly. Especially if you plan posts in advance, it is easy to stick to the whole or half hour. Do you do this on a regular basis? Then the Facebook Algorithms know that youpost automatically and will give your post a smaller reach. You can buy facebook likes and expect the best boost to your posts.

A few minutes before or after the hour is fine, do something unexpected.It is also advisable to change days. For example, if you schedule 4 messages per week, make sure you post one week for example on Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat and the other week on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun.

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