Google Preference for the Backlinks

For Google and other search engines, if websites link to your site using hyperlinks, the hyperlinks must be relevant. However, at the moment, backlinking suffers from a bad reputation. After the changes made to Google’s algorithms”Panda” and “Penguin”many websites experienced a drop in natural results: they had not only bet on the quality of their backlinks, preferring the quantity “the more the better”to the quality”A good backlink is 10, 20 or even 100 times better than a bad one”. Google wants you to play the game in order to deserve the right link to your website and is uncompromising if it appears that you are “buying” it.

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Different kinds of backlinks, some more important than the others for linking

Most of the time, a link to a website consists of a piece of text, called anchor text. This determines the quality assigned to this link by Google. An anchor text that exactly matches the keyword the landing page is optimized for is the most powerful, but also the most dangerous: too many of these links in your mesh and Google considers them negligible. In the best case, Google ignores them, in the worst case, in the long term, they will penalize the position of your website and therefore your SEO.

There are several kinds of anchor texts, sorted here by backlinks, from the most frequent and less dangerous to the rarest and more dangerous, for the most natural possible link profile.

Branded Anchor Text: This is a link containing in the anchor text the name of your company or product, such as “SEO Page Optimizer” or “Keyboost”. This type of link places your company or product name across a website in the marketplace as a brand, and preferably as a strong brand.

The bare link: the most common, but also the most natural of links to a website :

The anchor says generic: “Click here”, “Find out more”. This seems contradictoryaccording to all opinions on quality content, anchor texts must be as relevant as possiblebut generic links can be optimized for Internet users, without losing their generic character: “Click here for advice on exchanging links”,“Learn more about backlinks”.

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