What Not To Do In Mint Heels

There are certain things that do not go well together, but people continuously try to defy this evident collision in styles and/or colors. Take for example the color green, or lets actually go with a mint color. It seems that everyone has been obsessed with the color mint: Mint nails, mint skinnies, mint tees etc. I have to admit that I’ve been subject to following some of these mint trends, such as the skinny jeans and mint nails. I was probably most obsessed with the mint nails, especially in the summer.   However, now that its almost winter I’ve been looking for some colorful shoes to add some vibrance to my outfits. In particular, I’ve been searching for some mint heels.

With anything colorful and bright you have to be careful. Similar to how bright colored bugs and animals are often dangerous, so are colorful and bright clothes. You have to know how to approach each color differently and make sure you pair it with the right colors. I love the color mint, but it could be tricky. Here’s a pair of mint heels that I am not a huge fan of, but I love the style of the shoe. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.23.41 PM

I love the 3 leather straps that wrap around the ankle and the pointed toe. I just don’t love how the mint and dark tan leather look next to each other. The gold heel doesn’t help the color combination as well. This heel has so much going on with the pointed toe and three straps that when combined with the mint it becomes overwhelming.

I found a really cute black and mint heel on Revolve that I could see myself wearing with a black dress or some black skinny jeans or black leather pants.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.23.08 PM

I love how simple these heels are. The black contrasts with the mint, but it doesn’t clash with it. I also love that there’s only one strap that wraps around your ankle and a simple band that goes over your toes. I’m also liking this specific mint green color- it has a nice pop to it. The only problem is I would not suggest wearing these heels for the winter (at least only in the Midwest). Maybe I’ll take these with my on  my trip to the West Coast!

I know that these next few tips will be pretty inevitable, but I have seen these fashion choices made before. Do not match mint heels with other mint colors, such as mint skinnies or a mint tee. It is a bold color in the Winter, so make your other selections dark when pairing the mint heels. As far as the mint nails combined with the mint shoes… I think that could work.  Well, there have been a few times where I unknowingly had my nail color painted the same exact color as a bright item in my outfit. For instance, one time I had bright red nails matching  a bright red bag, so don’t worry about the nails. As far as for the style of mint heels, I would only wear strappy mint heels. A pair of mint booties or boots would not go to well with anything in my opinion. I found a few good selections on Resultly. The only other type of shoe I like in mint are mint sneakers or slip-ons.