Sweet 16 Dress Code

What’s one of the first formal occasions a girl goes to? Her sweet 16 of course. My cousin’s sweet 16 is coming up and she really wanted to share. Why not? Her party isn’t going to be too formal, but hang with her.

Everyone this blog is going out to you! I am turning sixteen in just one week! As you all know the theme of my party is rock star glam! That means I want each and everyone of you to dress up. Obvi don’t look as good as me, not that you could anyway. I don’t want any one coming to my party looking wack. Cuz you all know I’ll be like swerve bro! This is my big day and you better not ruin it with your dumb out fit. So here are some ideas of things you can wear that would be acceptable. Think rock star glam like sequin shorts and concert T-s. Fur coats and ripped jeans. I want this to be the best rock star sweet sixteen ever.

sequin shorts

sequin shorts

This sequin shorts outfit is super rocker and edgy. You can totes wear this to my sweet sixteen party. It you will super edgy but this won’t overshadow my amazing outfits. Yes I said outfits! I have multle costume changes in store for you. Anyways like if you need to get a pair of sequins shorts you can find a bunch of them on Resultly. They search like a bunch of stores and stuff. Click here to see. So you betches better go out and buy some sequin shorts!

Fur Coat

fur coat

This is another example of what you can wear to my sweet 16.  Obvi it is super plane but it will make my outfit stand out. A fur coat is like super on trend and lots of fashionistas are weraing them. You might be hot, but its my sweet sixteen so deal with hit. The hat is also super cool and will be fun on the dance floor when people steal it and we all swap accessories as we do at parties. Since I’m so nice I’m also going to suggest a fur vest! Yeah right how smart am I for thinking that. Can I get an amen? Same look but then you won’t be hot. Forever 21 has supes major amount of vest. You can see them here.

You could totes wear the sequin shorts with a fur coat or vest. Can you say #amazing! You know we are going to get all sorts of #blessed at the part so you need to look good in my pics. The best part is that like you still won’t look as good as me, even if you wear this. Yes, I am hyping up my outfits because they are killer. Sequin shorts and foe fur can’t even compete. That’s how killa i’m going to look. SO, who is excited to get down at my party? HELL YAAAASSSSSS!