How to wear teal heels

I have never been actually a fan of wearing too many styles of shoes, looking for a perfect pair is like looking for perfect jeans for me. But Heels have always been one of the essential pair that I opt to set aside some of my money allowance and buy myself a good pair. When I wear them it makes me feel sexier and empowered with any outfits I match it with! I have the black, red heels but I have been eyeing on these Teal Heels on Resultly, they have always been making wave to be a part of fashionable people around the world’s outfit during Holiday season.

teal heels teal heels

For Weekend Casual, I can pair it with a gray or neutral color tapered, skinny-jeans or tight jeans. I can mix it with other bright colours top to create a fun, casual outfit. When I’m feeling adventurous, I go for a full colour-block effect.

For Night Out, I want to wear them with different colours and prints for a fun night out outfit. Going with separates, I plan to style it by pairing it with a black miniskirt with white print with a solid bright colour tank top. Any shade belonging to blue or violet will work with these coloured heels. For any easy one-wear dressing, a printed tank dress and wear them with a cropped leather jacket.

For Work, this uniquely colour heels can sure turn heads on their own. I can always pair them with a black pencil skirt and with a tamer coloured button down top like white, gray or cream with black blazer, this is for a conservative work setting. Working in a creative environment with casual dress code, pair them with a printed skirt that has teal or a similar colour inside the print. Wear them with a navy, ivory, pink or blush shade blouse so the two colours won’t compete with attention.

For a daytime date, pair it with a dress and wear a cardigan over them. Pairing them with jeans and a fitted T-shirt or blouse is also a good choice. For a date night, a little dark coloured dress that will let the heels shine.

teal heels

They are generally seen as chic, laid-back and romantic style. Popular fashion brands like Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden and Aldo carry them as it can brighten up our closet whatever the season or occasion. Once we got the right clothing and accessories to pair it with the heels we can create a look that is original and right for the occasion.