Keep It Simple and Professional with Empire Waist Tops

Empire waist tops are my go-to piece of clothing. Whether I need to dress it up or down, my closet is filled with different colors and styles that I can pick and choose from. Last spring I had a job interview with this big, fancy Public Relations firm downtown. I was scrambling through my closet trying to find a top to match this gray blazer I have. I already figured I would wear black dress and my black heels. I wanted to go for the classy, professional look. Of course, I didn’t end up finding a nice blouse to go with my gray blazer and dress pants so I went to my favorite shopping app, Resultly. where I found some cute finds and bargains!

I continued to search for one and I stumbled across this black, crocheted top from American Eagle.

empire waist tops

I thought it was super chic and the right professional look I was going for. Once it was finally shipped to me, I tried the outfit on all together and I absolutely loved it. Since I loved that blouse so much I decided to look for one more. I was able to justify this decision by thinking to myself well if I get this job I’ll need more professional looking tops. My bank account won’t be very happy, but I’ll be.

So I found another chic and stylish one from Torrid.

As soon as I received that package from Torrid. I tried it on with my interview outfit. So which one was it going to be? Which one was going to help me get that job?On the day of the interview I probably switched my blouse an average of ten times. I finally decided on the black and white, polka dot top. I walked out of my apartment with my held high, my confidence in check, and an optimistic attitude.

Once I arrived at the North Michigan building I knew that this was it. This was my shot to show and to market myself in the most professional way possible. The interview ended up going very well.

I was told I would get a call within the next week or so. Let me tell you, that next week was pretty painful. Every time my cellphone would ring I would jump to see who it was and I checked my email about twenty times a day. I guess you could say I really wanted this job. Well, the call did end up coming and I was offered a full-time position there. I could barely speak, I was so excited. I did it. I got my dream job.

Now who’s to say if my top had anything to do with me getting the job. But it definitely did have something to do with my confidence and the way I felt that morning as I stepped into that downtown office building. It’s pretty amazing what significance a piece of clothing may have on your life. In my case all it took was a simple, classic empire waist top to get me my dream job.