Maroon Dress Perfect for the Fall

After seeing Blake Lively in this maroon colored Herve Leger dress on Gossip Girl, I have become obsessed with his dresses. Blake Lively looked gorgeous in this dress.


First of all, the way that Leger makes the dress makes all his bandage dresses flattering. The bandage material seems to hold everything in place kinda like Spanx, but without the extra material. Unfortunately, on my budget, the closest I could get to Leger’s bandage dresses is in his BCBG line. If you’re looking for a tight skirt only go with the BCBG bandage skirts. They are sooooo flattering. I tend to be very weary when wearing tight bottoms, because of my Kim Kardashian butt, but the bandage material really does the trick.

You can wear the BCBG bandage skirt for any occasion as well. Well, you have to select the one of there style’s. For example, if you want something for work that’s cute and flattering buy the bandage pencil skirt.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.21.19 PM

As you can see this is perfect for a day in the office. Its slimming in the pencil shape itself, but the tight bandage material really make your body look good. This allows you to create a classic look, while staying chic and cute.

I also love there shorter bandage skirts. The maroon bandage skirt is one of my favorites that I have in my closet. BCBG has so many styles that its always hard to chose. Take a look at this power skirt I found on BCBG.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.25.47 PM

If you dare wear this skirt to work. However, I generally like to keep the short BCBG bandage skirts reserved for a night out. Don’t be scared of the color. Yes, white is probably one of the most revealing colors, but with the material this skirt is made from it will be the same as wearing a black skirt. You can pick these skirts in almost any color and you won’t regret it.

One of my favorite colors that I want to come back to is that burgundy maroon color. I love this color for the fall. Its similar to the Essie Oxblood nail polish color, but it also looks great as a scarf or a maroon dress, just like Blake Lively wore it. Take a look at this maroon dress I found:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.12.51 PM

This was the most similar dress that Herve Leger was selling at the moment. The color is identical, but the design is different. This maroon dress has the tight body- con slimming top, but the ruffled hem adds a girly touch. The maroon color is perfect for the fall! Just pair it with black heels, a clutch, and a black blazer and  you’re ready for any event. Well…only if you’re ready to spend over $2,000 on a dress. If you’re looking for more affordable pieces take a look at what I found:

As much as I want the Herve Leger bandage dress and a pair of Louboutin’s, I’ll stick to some other more affordable options in the meantime.  But, I do hope to some day be able to afford some of my favorite designers…at least a few of them.