Mint Wedding

Last summer was the best summer of my life. ¬†Finally, after ten years of dating I got married to the love of my life. I have tons of memories from that perfect day, but my biggest one is about my five bridesmaids who were wearing mint dresses. This isn’t them, but you get the idea…


I know it does sound like a crazy choice of color; however it did look ten times better than one can possibly imagine. Of course, it was very hard to convince my best girlfriends, who are completely different skin tones to wear such an unusual color;do not take me wrong it took me almost a year to do that.

The hardest part after convincing them to wear the mint dresses was to find them. We spent weeks shopping and trying hundreds of different brands and styles, but we could not find anything we would like, especially for such a special event as my wedding. Most of the dresses were too short or too expensive and I could not spend too much money on it.

Thanks to one of my best friends who downloaded Resultly app and told us that she saw tons of mint dresses on it. It was my first shopping experience online and it was the best one so far.I still shop only on that app and it does not matter what I am shopping for (dresses, shoes, bags, or body stuff and make up). They have it all.

I think each dress was about a hundred dollars and I thought it was a pretty good deal for such beautiful mint dresses like these. Especially, after I spent tons of money on my perfect wedding dress which I bought two years ago in Paris.

My girlfriends fell in love with the dresses and did not even complain about the mint color or the style of the dresses. Maybe because I bought some nice nude shoes, so they simply did not have a reason to complain.

We had a little problem in finding mint jewelry for the dresses but after a couple of hours in the store , we found a very simple style necklaces that worked out perfectly with the mint dresses.

I could not be more happier with my choice! Everyone looked gorgeous and my dress looked even better around my beautiful bridesmaids! I have heard some of my girlfriends that they want ot choose mint dresses for their weddings in the future too. Hearing that, was just another proof that I made the right decision. So, if any of you are looking for a prefect dresses for your bridesmaids do not be afraid of crazy mint color and try the mint dresses on!