Even as the opposition, the Republicans are still the most powerful political force in the United States

January 7th, 2011
Even as the opposition, the Republicans are still the most powerful political force in the United States

With the Republicans continuing to celebrating their victories in the November 2010 midterm elections, is there much hope left for left-wing Obama and his weakening administration?

The main problem facing the Democratic Party in history is that whenever they have tried to enact a policy that the opposition has strongly opposed, such as advanced in the United States'medical care system, the Republicans have always managed to develop a powerful mass-media campaign by using misleading, often deceitful information and extracting it through popular talk radio programmes and influential conservative networks, such as Fox News. They use effective ’scare tactics'that appear to suggest that if universal health care is passed, or if Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed, life will end as we know it and the continuation of western civilisation will be terminated once and for all. This is all much more easily understood when one has read the book ’Manufacturing Consent'by Noam Chomsky.

Republican philosophy, with its strong ties to Christian evangelism, is predominantly based on a ’power to the people'approach, which really means that the government does less to serve its citizens, instead granting them ’greater control'over their own lives. What this means, in fact, is that people have less power of their individual lives, particularly in regards to their employment and their health care insurance. This is because they have limited government protection, which means that businesses can get away with committing fraud because the government takes very little notice of what is happening.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have always struggled to use this approach to facilitate their own political interests. Instead, it is more about promoting their own agenda, rather than criticising the policies of their opposition (which is exactly how the Republican Party is run). With soaring petrol, diesel and gas oil prices, Obama has plenty more obstacles to face this year.

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