What at Is The EU Spending On The Most

November 1st, 2010
What at Is The EU Spending On The Most

This question has been bothering quite a lot of Brits since the government loudly announced itself against the predicted increase of 6% in the EU budget for 2011. Cameron and his fellows disagreed with the proposal claiming that the money that are to be gathered by the Member States by every member contributing certain amount, would be a crucial problem for effective solution of the post recession problems.
However, it seems like there is no empty space within the EU budget and that every penny (and Euro cent) goes to the exact place and for the exact purpose. This would mean that the no matter what the increase is going to be, the money out of it would go for a better Union and for a better future of the Union (consisting of small things like better social integration and reaching existential problem solutions like the fuel supply contract with Russia).
The EU budget for 2010 was 130 billion Euro and was distributed in order to ensure the stability of the Union in times of recession and along with that to bring certain improvements within the administration and cohesion of member states. Some 43 billion Euro were spent exactly on that part - better cohesion. Thus the member states can develop equally and measures are taken to ensure financial support for member states who are experiencing financial difficulties.
The same amount of money is spent on agriculture - the Union is strongly working in relation to the food production since this, at the end of the day, turns out to be among the strongest advantages of the union. Rural development and competitiveness are branches that spent around 13 billion each and understandably the rural development would be decreasing while the competitiveness financial branch would increase to ensure better business development.
Administration and security affairs and justice are the ’cheapest'branches of the EU and as a matter of the justice delivering process, the EU is aiming to raise more money for the administration of fairness among the member states.

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